Monroe Energy MIPC Pipeline Maintenance in Trainer, Pennsylvania

Job Descriptions:

Key Role Description

Maintains, troubleshoots and repairs equipment and pipeline and terminal facilities with little direct supervision. Performs routine, emergency, and DOT mandated maintenance on terminal and pipeline operations and specifically responsible for the successful maintenance and repair of right of way, equipment, pipeline and terminal facilities. Available 24/7 to respond maintenance requests. Performs other duties as required.

Role Specific Competencies

At Monroe, we have identified eleven specific competencies we expect all leaders of our organization to possess. These competencies are incorporated as a part of our Selection, Performance Management/Review and Developmental processes. The competencies and activities for this role are detailed below:

Technical Knowledge - demonstrates the specific skills necessary for the assignments, understands the background and points of leverage to be effective in the role.

  • Pipeline and Terminal Operations: Maintains and repairs pipeline and terminal facilities keeping in good working order and acceptable appearance. Includes valve inspections, cutting and threading pipe, bolting and unbolting flanges, pipe line coating application, scraper tracking, , etc. Works as a Relief Operator as required; performs applicable duties.

  • Right of Way: Supports damage prevention program including One Calls, Right of Way investigations and maintenance, 3rd Party Crossings, Property Owner awareness activities, as required.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Stays aware of all environmental regulations, safety directives and operating procedures so that the Company can assure compliance. Ensures that management is apprised of any area or issue that should be addressed regarding regulatory compliance including environmental, health and safety.

  • Documentation: Maintains accurate and appropriate documentation on all work performed. Performs record filing electronically and hard copy as required.

  • Emergency Response: Assists in responding to Emergency Response activities as required. Maintains currency by attending job specific and broad based training to ensure readiness and capability to respond as needed to incidents.

  • Cathodic Protection: Develops a basic understanding of Cathodic Protection theory, including inspecting Cathodic Protection systems for tanks, performing corrosion probes, installing and maintaining test leads, taking Cathodic Protection measurements and inspecting and testing insulating devices, as required.

Knowledge of Work Areas and Responsibilities - demonstrates a clear understanding of role and responsibilities within specific area, flexible and agile in adapting to changes or exploring opportunities and challenges.

Communications - Verbal and Written - includes written and verbal communications, delivers presentations and has good listening skills.

Problem Solving and Conflict Leadership - strives to understand contributing factors, works to resolve complex situations, and helps individuals to resolve conflicts.

Delivering Results - Sense of Urgency - defines appropriate goals, works toward achieving goals, articulates vision and steps for achievement, meets deadlines and provides timely status updates and follow-through.

Teamwork/Cooperation - accountable to team, works to meet established deliverables, appreciates view of team members and is respectful of others.

Initiative - takes action, seeks new opportunities, and strives to see projects to completion.

Work Reliability/Quality - strives to eliminate errors, accurate work is a priority, and seeks opportunities to improve product/services.

Integrity and Trust - honest, accountable, upholds ethics standards and maintains confidentiality.

Required Experience:

Minimum Qualifications:

  • 1-3 years of pipeline maintenance or related experience in a high-risk industry.

  • High school degree or equivalent work experience.

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office products with prior experience with a CMMS.

  • Demonstrated proficiency in all of Role Specific Competencies.

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